This little piggy went to market


Hamlet cradled in Scott Gray's arm with son, daughter and wife in background

Only seven weeks old, Hamlet visited Wicker Park Farmers Market Sunday and made friends, two- and four-legged ones. 

Such a wee one and so young, he was easily tired by walking through grass almost as tall as he, as well as all the excitement from the attention of strangers. 


Both a human and a canine are anxious to be friends with Hamlet

His handler and owner, Wicker Parker Scott Gray explained, "Hamlet will grow to about 25 or 30 pounds, about the size of a Basset Hound." 

He pointed out that while Hamlet could "pork up," he plans to have him eating salads and vegetable to keep his size in check. "I feed him lean protein too. I want to keep him lean and mean." [Clearly this little piggy could not have a mean bone in his little body!]

As a previous owner of dogs, Scott has wanted a pig for years. "I was online looking to adopt [a pet] when I stumbled across the pig.

"Odd to say, but I think the pig chose us. Pigs are very smart and not dirty and they can be trained and use a liter box. So they take less maintenance than a dog." 

While Gray's son and daughter said they like the pig and they play with him, Gray pointed out that pigs don't like to be handled and pet. "They usually find one person that they bond with. But, I am trying to socialize him so you'll see him in the neighborhood." 


A new friendship was formed with a nose to the cheeck

Hamlet had an admirer in the market who wiggled and pushed to get closer. Gray said that Hamlet's new found friend might find a romping, squealing Hamlet too tempting, if let lose to play. So while they got close, it was a safe experience.

If such famous stars as Piglet from Winnie The Pooh, Hamm from Toy Story, Porky Pig from cartoons, Babe from the movies or the beloved Miss Piggy have made you want to have a closer pig idol, be on the lookout for Wicker Park's very own Hamlet. 

Interested in having a pet pig?
If you have thoughts about getting your very own pet pig, here are some facts from a story devoted to pigs as pets:

  • Pigs are generally quite healthy animals. One visit to the vet per year is all they need to get vaccinations and hoof trimming.
  • Pigs have bristly hair that is hypoallergenic and does not shed, making them a good alternative to dogs and cats for people who suffer from pet allergies.
  • Despite the prevailing stereotype, they are clean and odorless and can live up to 20 years.
  • Pigs love to eat. There are feeds that are designed for pot belly pigs and should always be the mainstay of their diet.
  • Pigs should never be fed dog or cat food as the protein level is too high. Pigs can be given treats but they should be limited to fruits and vegetables.
  • Pigs can become overweight and can develop leg problems.
  • Because pigs can't sweat, they will need a mud hole or kiddie pool to cool off during hot weather.
  • They will also need sun protection, whether it is mud or sunscreen.




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