Is Spring coming soon? Ask a groundhog…if you can find one


Last year in Sun Prairie, WI, as groundhog inspects the mayor's ear

Want to know if spring is coming early? On Tuesday, check with Pennsylvanian Punxsutawney Phil or his relative in Sun Prairie, WI. Oh no, not Wisconsin, he gnawed his way through a wire cage to freedom after biting the mayor's ear on Groundhog Day last year. 

This poses a problem for the 2016 Annual Groundhog Day celebration in Sun Prairie, WI. The new mayor said it is "inhumane" to harass a wild animal. [Right. It was not self preservation?] 

Steve Hartman at CBS News has the story about the wood chucking critter who did his deed then escaped. In an interview with the new mayor, Hartman offers the idea of substituting a gerbil. 

While the Wisconsin mayor thought that sounded ok because it was a "domesticated" animal. [Personally, I think it is because a gerbil has smaller teeth!] But, the people pointed out that it is Groundhog Day not Gerbil Day. [Point well taken!] The Groundhog Day planner burrowed her way through acquiring a new groundhog.

As it turns out, getting another groundhog for the ceremony is not an easy task. We know that Chicago can have a lot of red tape wrapped around getting things done. Well, Sun Prairie could challenge even Chicago! 

Hartman asked another important question of the new mayor. "What about Thanksgiving." See what the mayor has to say about that! 

Latest news is that they have a groundhog on loan for the big day, giving them time to solve the problem for next year. After all, this has been a Sun Prairie tradition since 1949 when they used to go out in the woods and capture their own weather predictor. 

Oh yes, Happy Groundhog Day!



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