Two dogs take top honors at Jackson Junge's Tricks for Treats


Best of Show Darla with Gina Marindo

Canines ruled at Tricks for Treats doggie costume contest at Jackson Junge Gallery (JJ2), 1389 N. Milwaukee, in Wicker Park, on Saturday. 

It was like an indoor dog park as dogs and their humans "paws-ed" to celebrate the ever increasingly popular Halloween holiday. 

According to the National Retail Foundation (NRF), 179 million Americans planned to partake in Halloween festivities this year, an increase of eight million from last year. Of consumers dressing their pets, ten percent were expected to be pumpkins.

The pumpkin theme proved to be true in the Tricks for Treats contest. 


Darla is pictured with Super Dog, another contestant

Winning Best in Show, Darla's knitted tube-like orange colored ballerina costume had a large pumpkin face knitted on to the garment's back. Sparkles on the orange and black net tutu added to the designer look. 

Wicker Park's kissing, wiggly winner was so overjoyed with a basket of treats from Kriser's Natural Pet Store, 1658 N. Milwaukee, that she snatched one of the treasures for a quick few chews before posing for the official photograph with mom, Gina Marindo. 


Otis in standing mode

Another pumpkin treasure was Otis, JJ2's "house canine." He was disqualified from the contest but was "saddled" with a pumpkin that he was not very happy about having on his back. In fact, our interview went like this… 

"Otis, your costume is quite unique." 

"Yah, thanks. I get that you humans think it is 'ever so cute.' However…really?

"How would you like having not just a pumpkin on your back, but also this wild dude," asked Otis. 


Otis sitting

"Take a quick look at me while I briefly stand up for you…ok, that is it! 


Once Otis laid flat, he got more attention

"Next I'll sit. 

"Note that this flat on the ground pose gets me some real time attention. 

"Be sure to check out my friend Miles." 

Miles, Otis' best buddy, in a fair unbiased selection process, won another basket of super treats from Kriser's for Spookiest Costume.  


Miles admits liking treats

"Look, I am my own dog," explains Miles. "The only reason I am dressed in this pirate getup is for Otis and his mom and dad, Laura Junge and Chris Jackson. 

"Ok, I admit it… I like the treats. Running around with my friends isn't bad either. My dads, Jim Karagianes and Paul Ropski couldn't be with me today but all the attention from everyone was petty cool." 


"Being a winner is cool!"

Miles' rather rakish look was emphasized by his unique eyes.

"This event was not only because we love dogs, but because we love to promote local businesses and bring people together," Kaitlyn Miller, Assistent Gallery Director.



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