Visions of a new Logan Square Dog Park turning to reality


Looking through a "hole" in the fence, the mulberry tree was removed on the 8th

Finally…the Logan Square Dog Park (Park 526) construction is under way


Old "snow" fence and other fence taken down on the 7th

While Brownie, Buddy, Nacho and  Ozzie, to name but a few of the canine regulars, are a little confused as to why there is a big chain link fence with green fabric keeping them from their beloved Park, their "parents" are happy. Their years of hard work is coming to fruition. 

Sally Hamann, who took the pictures in this story, reports, "I couldn't believe it when I saw the fence old fence taken down, the new fence go up and a gate put up." 

A peak through the fence showed that the mulberry tree is gone too. 


Fencing along Western Avenue up on the 10th

"Both Brownie and Winky don't understand why they can't get in their Park. I try to explain but they just don't understand," she said laughing (sort of). 

Hamann and her fellow Dog Park workers and enthusiasts know that it will take a few months but that, in the long run, the wait will be worth it. Now they just have to convince their four-legged family members.

Photos courtesy of Sally Hamann



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