Wagging tails and high fives: new Logan Square Dog Park open


Looking from small dog to large dog areas as Nacho looks toward grassy area


Looking toward grassy space from small dog area

The new Logan Square Dog Park and the rest of Park 556 gets top billing on the "Persistence Prevails" list. Efforts began in the 1990s

Surrounded in fencing, it is tucked in at the base of the Kennedy Express by Western and Logan Boulevard. It now includes a safe grassy kids and adult space as well as small dog and large dog areas. 


Kim Pool triumphantly stands by the gate into the dog areas

"The surface is made to remain cooler than the heat from the sun," explained Kim Pool, President of the Park's Committee. "They say if it is 100 degrees, it will feel like 60 on the surface." With little to no shade, this is a major advantage for the paws of its hundreds of four-legged regulars. 


Sally Hamann talks with other visitors

While not all the features expected were installed in and around the Park, everyone is very grateful to have this clean (no old tires, broken glass, mattresses, muddy, etc.) space. "We still have money left in the account," said Sally Hamann, former President of the Park. "So we will be able to build a shed and get the items, such as brooms and shovels we need to keep it clean." 

Under the operations of Haas Park, along Fullerton at 2402 N. Washtenaw Ave., and Joe Henry's crew, this park's organization is responsible for maintenance and tasked with doing fundraising to cover their costs and improvements. 


Nacho is happy to be at the Park with his human, Roxann Ruiz by the Mike Doody memorial plaque

Those most excited about this newly finished space are the dogs. Hamann said that her dogs were beyond delighted when they got into the new space prior to the official opening. She summed it up by saying, "Oh my!" 

"Nacho wakes up every day, looking at me with his tongue hanging out asking, 'Are we going to the dog park today?' Then he smiles all the way here," explains Roxann Ruiz, Nacho's human and the Park Committee's Vice President. 

It was not just the humans who had dreams and worked for funding this doggy heaven. Nacho, the small but might Nacho, tried to paw his way to a financial victory for the Park in 2012 but he suffered from east coast snarls from The Donald

In honor of its opening, the Committee had a celebration with 15 vendors including three food trucks, and hundreds of dogs and their families. Dogs of all sizes enjoyed the space, splash pools and the excitement of being safe while playing.


This little guy spent much of his time in the pool

According to Pool, the Committee is hoping to start work on the mural to be painted along the base of the highway. They have already raised some funds. 

"We are working with an artist and several people have donated money to get their dog painted on the wall. We are hoping that we will be able to add to those already planned," she said.

Hopes are that they will begin before the end of the year.


Looking from Western, the wall for the mural is on the right



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