Wonder why the long line was outside Reckless Records?


"Do you know what is going on along Milwaukee? People are lined-up from on Honore, around the corner and up Milwaukee," said a familiar voice on the other end of the phone last Saturday morning. 

"No," said I. "But I am headed up to Churchill Park, I'll check it out." 

The caller was right on. Driving up Honore and then going north on Milwaukee, I saw the line well into the block up to Reckless Records. I rolled down the passenger window as there were some guys hanging out near the shoe store on the other side of Milwaukee. 

"Do you know what is going on at Reckless," I asked.

"Ahhh…nooo….guess they want to buy a record." 


Thanks to Steve Jensen who was up at Churchill Park, I learned that it was Record Store Day. 

So what does that mean? As Wikipedia says, "Record Store Day is an internationally celebrated day observed the third Saturday of April each year. Its purpose, as conceived by independent record store employee Chris Brown, is to celebrate the art of music. 

The day brings together fans, artists, and thousands of independent record stores across the world.

Record Store Day was officially founded in 2007 by Eric Levin, Michael Kurtz, Carrie Colliton, Amy Dorfman, Don Van Cleave and Brian Poehner and is now celebrated globally with hundreds of recording and other artists participating in the day by making special appearances, performances, meet and greets with their fans, the holding of art exhibits, and the issuing of special vinyl and CD releases along with other promotional products to mark the occasion."

While all four Reckless Records stores were participating, Wicker Park's was definitely rockin. Their "rules" and offerings are online.

According to Wikipedia the list of releases for 2013 includes:

Below, please share your stories of the day.



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