Meet Ukrainian artists Oleksa Kovalenko and Walter Monastyretsky


Oleksa Kovalenko, Maria Klimchak, Museum Curator, Lidia Tkaczuk,Museum Vice-President and Walter Monastyretsky

The Ukrainian National Museum is offering art aficionados and supporters of all ages an enriching exhibit of two renowned and remarkable Ukrainian artists Walter Monastertsky and Oleksa Kovalenko.

During the exhibit's opening, the weather of the night, camaraderie in the hall and the beautiful artwork created an enchanting evening which proved to be both culturally enriching and emotionally satisfying.

The works of Oleksa Kovalenko from Seattle, Washington and Walter Monasteretsky from Chicago are different in execution but similar in their themes influenced by their culture and heritage.


Kovalenko's "Lubystok"

The ethereal paintings by Kovalenko will transport you back to a different, mystical time of Ukrainian customs, traditions, and mythology. His oils capture the folkloric and mysterious aspect of his native land. They strive to communicate the origins of our Ukrainian culture through the interpretation of traditional values of its rich heritage.


Kovalenko's "Chysloboh"

Kovalenko was born in Kyiv in 1946 to a highly educated, prosperous and well recognized family. Yet his family life and road to recognition were quite difficult because of the political situation in Ukraine. He was able to overcome most of the political invasions in his life and completed his medical studies in Kyiv. Though never giving up his love of art, he went on to achieve an art degree from the Kyiv Art Institute. The artist realized early in life, how important it is to live in harmony with the laws of his ancestral spirits.


Monastyretsky's "Magnificent bouquet"

Monastyretsky's paintings, of landscapes, still life, buildings, and walkways, exhibit exactitude and cleanliness. There is balance and color coordination. His paintings speak of his personal character and his once allied health professional career.


Monastyretsky's "Michigan Avenue"

Monasteretsky, a classically trained professional artist, was born and educated in Ukraine where he first became a licensed pharmacist - precision and balance. Later he decided to also follow his love for art, so he moved to Kyiv and obtained a Masters degree in Fine Arts from the Kyiv Academy of Fine Arts & Architecture. In 1998 Monasteretsky immigrated to the US and since then has totally immersed himself in Art. Today he has his own studio in Chicago.

The colorful palette of paintings by Kovalenko and Monasteretsky will beautify the Museum through Aug 21. The Museum invites all to the exhibit and wishes to inspire everyone to come and enjoy the art.



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