CAPS Notes: Beat 1431--September 2013

Diane Miller
Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy

A good blend of neighbors showed up to chat through some of the challenging issues in our neighborhood at our September Beat 1431 CAPS meeting.

Our police always do a great job addressing how they are handling current reported problems and always give a crime breakdown in the area. The crime report this night was pretty good compared to previous months. Most of the reported crimes, from theft to assault to break-ins, were reported down in recurring numbers. And, that is a good news! 

However, there were a few things on the docket that were alarming and neighbors need to be aware. First, there seem to be a number of drug deals happening in our local neighborhoods, especially near parks and commercial properties. As well, many of the deals go down so fast, it makes it challenging for neighbors to report and for police to actually arrest dealers. Individuals have to have drugs on their person to actually be arrested. So, any neighbors seeing any suspicious activity... please immediately report it to 911! These reports can help police at tracking, arresting and halting this illegal activity in our neighborhoods and parks.

Also, please be aware of any vacant properties on your block; and call and report any suspicious activity that you might see around these properties. We had a lengthy discussion about some of the boarded up homes in the neighborhood, along with vacant commercial properties along Western Ave. These properties can be a haven for illegal activities and we have to be vigilant neighbors to stay on guard for anything suspicious fostering illegal activity.

In addition, we had a short chat about night clubs in our 1431 Beat neighborhood. There has been one new club open and we have had great cooperation with coordinating parking logistics and trash pick up with no complaints. So, Milwaukee Ave. night life, has been relatively calm with fewer incidents reported over the last few months.

Stay aware neighbors and please come out to the next beat meeting on November 21st, 7 p.m. at Haas Park Field House, 2402 N. Washtenaw St. 

Beat 1431 encompasses the area from California to Western Avenues (N/S) and Armitage Ave. to Logan Blvd (E/W). This meeting is a great short time commitment to attend and hear how you can civically engage to help create a safer, crime-free environment for everyone in our area.

Also, if you have any issues, please bring them to the meeting to have them addressed by our CAPS facilitator and our great group of local police officers. They can only address the incidents or problems that they are aware of. Again, it takes an active cooperating village, neighbors! 



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