Fewer guns on the street thanks to Turn In A Gun


Once the guns had been checked for ammunition and tagged, Officers Chavez and Regnier inventoried the guns then handed out the gift card and the gun went to the next processing "station"

The Turn In A Gun event last Saturday at New Life Covenant Church, 1665 N. Mozart, in partnership with the Chicago Police 14th District, brought in guns of all sizes. 

According to CAPS Sergeant Reyes, they took in 46 guns. 


This handmade hand gun was a challenge for the officer who was trying to disassemble it

The space was set up for an organized process that safely took in everything from a small handmade hand gun to long rifles. First they made sure there was no ammunition loaded or in the chamber. Then it was on through the system. 

Those turning in the items were then efficiently given the appropriate gift card. For each gun $100 gift card was given, while $10 cards were given for a bb-gun, air-gun and gun replica (not toys).



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