Halloween on Chicago's The 606


Gathering at the Damen Plaza on The 606


Family portrait

From one end to the other of Chicago's The 606, people walked, ran and cycled along the 2.7 mile elevated former railroad bed celebrating Halloween on Monday night.


A startled horse was part of the scene

Seen on the trail was a mix of creations that ran from cute to scary and weird.

All those partial to babies had a wide variety of very charming, cuddly cuties to observe.


"Being a spider isn't fun!"

Those with arachnophobia steered clear of one pooch who did not seem to be overly enthusiastic about his extra appendages. 


Baby "King Kong" is "climbing" the Empire State building

Possibly it was a playful spirit who made one man dressed as the Empire State building appear to cause an overhead light to glow with an extra blast of light resulting from his "tower" as a cuddly fuzzy "creature" was held against the building. (The light experience was an optical illusion and the "creature" was his baby!)


CUBS fan was resting up before the Tuesday game.

CUBS fans were most appreciative of a canine supporter.

While the Chicago Police bike detail was not dressed in costume, they were cycling on and along the Trail.


Curious George was enjoying his first Halloween

Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail (FBT) provided orange Trick or Treat bags to be filled by an assortment of free goodies given out by volunteers.

Unclear whether the volunteers or trick or treaters were having more fun.


FBT bag artwork

Pumpkin Factoid: While pumpkins did not have much of a presence on the Halloween scene last night, you may recall that they were in short supply everywhere last year, due to weather. Even at that, the estimated production of last year's crop in the U.S. had a value of $90.2 million, according to the US Census Department. Top production honors went to the state of Illinois!

For those who remember the many meetings, charrettes and renderings as the Bloomingdale Trail project expanded to become The 606, note how the socializing areas look very much like those illustrations. Lighted areas are enlivened by neighbors and friends meeting and sharing conversations.



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