What is happening in Ukraine? Why is it happening?


Ukrainian flag flying over Canadian Parliament in Ottawa*

The thousands on the Maidan are still united in prayer for their country, peacefully remembering and honoring those who have greatly suffered and died in fighting to obtain freedom for every Ukrainian. Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Jew and Muslim are pleading for restraint in Ukrainian, Russian and several other languages.

Together they had succeeded in ridding their land of the corrupt and perverted Russian puppet, Viktor Yanukovich, who led Ukraine into economic ruin running into the billions. They are struggling now to establish financial and government stability.

Unfortunately, Ukrainians, Poles, and others realize that if the Kremlin has its way, tens of thousands more will die and shed blood to satisfy Putin’s Dracula-like need to create a Eurasian Union - Federation of Russia. He is trying to recreate the corrupt Soviet Union Empire of the past at any cost. Russia’s aim is to reverse, according to Vladimir Putin: “the collapse of the USSR - the greatest calamity of the 20th century”, first with Ukraine, then the Baltic States, Poland and beyond.

The new Ukrainian government has been called illegal, fascists, neo-Nazis, anti-Semites, and terrorists by Putin and the Russian Government. It has been claimed that Ukraine is persecuting Russian speaking Ukrainian citizens. Russian propaganda shows crowds demonstrating in support of Russian intervention in Ukraine. However, Russians have been bused in from outside of the country to participate in these demonstrations. Other TV segments display crowds marching for Russian presence in the Crimea, which actually are shots of demonstrators supporting the protest on the Maidan in Kyiv.

Putin, Russian government and media have made numerous scurrilous charges, but at the UN on Monday, when a proposal to have an independent observer group to investigate these charges, it was the Russians who would not support the proposal.

Several UN ambassadors categorically stated that the Russians statements against the Ukrainians were false. The only persecution was being conducted by the Russian forces invading Ukraine without reason. Putin is continuing the policy of strong-arming Ukraine away from the EU and West into Russia’s sphere of influence. Ukrainians are now fearing that the Russians will sacrifice their own troops and Russian speaking loyalists, by faking acts of terror and claiming that Ukrainians were at fault to further the imperialistic vision of a renewed Russian empire.

It appears that Western governments are now planning economic and diplomatic sanctions against Russia. The G8 economic summit in Sochi properly will be canceled and Russia may be removed from the group. Russian oligarchs and government officers will be banned from traveling and engaging in business dealings. This has already led to a ten percent drop in the Ruble against the Dollar and Euro. It is the hope that the Russian oligarchs will now exert pressure on the Kremlin to stop this madness.

*Canada's CTVNEWS reports on Tues., Mar. 4, as protesters march on the Russian Embassy. Image courtesy of CTVNews.



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