Humboldt Park staffer embraces gator: others continue searching


Nellie Ramon hugs the gator as her boss, Jesus Perez, Park Supervisor, captures the moment

In the Humboldt Park Field House, Nellie Roman, the Park's Instructor, gives a big hug to this look-a-like gator as hundreds of children play with much energy and gusto in the many summer programs provided by the Chicago Park District. 


Looking north west across the lagoon, a trap is in the water

The sand beach and swimming pond are by the Field House, while the gator caper plays out across Sacramento Blvd. in the lagoon by the Boat House. 

Unlike the Loch Ness "Nessie" sightings, there are credible photos and local people who have seen Humboldt's elusive reptile. Secondly, Nessie has eluded capture since at least 1933. 

Furthermore, Nessie has helped the Scots raise a lot of money! (Hint, hint Humboldt Park Advisory Council).

Chicago's volunteer gator whisperer is Gator Bob. "At one point, he had 150 animals in his home and most of them were alligators," says Jim Foster, a fellow member with Gator Bob in the Chicago Herpetology Society. 

"Zoos, animal control departments all call Bob when there is reptile issue. He has often nurtured them back to health for various groups. 


This view looking east across the lagoon and the view above show how many places the gator has to hide

This gator is probably a scared little guy. They're not aggressive and they can be underwater for a long time…like one to 24 hours. He'll hear all the people and the splashing and he won't want to come up." 

Gator Bob has been baiting traps he brought in with chicken, rat and fish but so far he Humboldt gator I not ready to surrender, not even for those delectable offerings. 

Remember love your alligator today…just make sure he has his mouth closed!



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