Residents' prostitution abatement enforcement is working but needs more neighbor involvement


Sergeant Giambrone talks with a over-served couple probably looking for "love" in all the wrong places

Interested in putting an end to the increased activities of  "Johns," pimps and prostitutes on North Ave., the residents along with Aldermen Proco "Joe" Moreno (1st Ward) and Scott Waguespack (32nd Ward) and the Chicago Police Department prove that taking back the streets works. But, more neighbor involvement is needed.

Residents of the 1st and 32nd Wards were armed with flashlights sporting their glowing vests on Saturday morning but were delighted to see there was far less action on North Ave. between the expressway and Damen Ave. One member of the vigilant group found that his bicycle provided quicker response to suspicious vehicles and a visual not easily seen by officers in cars.


Team: (frt) R.Wallace, J. Kopera, R. Locke, E. Rios, J. Burnett & friend (bk) C. Schult, S. Jensen, S. Frizeli, S. Johnson

Sergeant Joseph Giambrone, 14th Police District, and his Wicker Park detail managed to talk with a few suspects but there were no arrests made on the watch between 4:15 a.m. and approximately 6:30 a.m. The next day, however, there was more activity. It is believed that by changing the days and hours of the patrols, total activity will be diminished even further.

A young female resident with her puppy seemed surprised to see the patrolling residents. She said that she had noticed there were fewer prostitutes around but had not understood why. The group advised her to be more vigilant for her own safety when walking out alone at that hour of the morning and invited her to be involved in the patrols.


On his bike, Jensen, Johnson, Kopera and Wallace discuss some current activity

As Steve Jensen says, "What is needed is more people, living in the area of the problem, being involved. People who live where this activity happens are the ones best able to call 911from their homes. They know who many of these people are and can be really helpful in the patrols." Jensen, who heads up several community action teams in Scott Waguespack's 32nd Ward can be reached at Ronda Locke is the contact for these patrols in Proco "Joe" Moreno's 1st Ward. The 1st Ward's office number is 773.278.0101.

As mentioned in a comment on a previous story, life as a prostitute can start at a very young age and is often the result of many other issues including financial desperation.  It is important to offer assistance to prostitutes so they can break free of what is often a cycle of violence. There are efforts to target the "Johns" versus the prostitutes. By diminishing demand, it is believed that the "business" will decline.





See a video drive along this stretch of North Ave

Just found your site and like it a lot. Anyone who doesn't know this stretch of North Avenue can see it in a video drive-through we shot a while back:

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