Peoples Gas modernization source of gas smell


Peoples Gas workman at Milwaukee and Wabansia

The smell of gas in the air and a gaggle of Peoples Gas workers and Wabansia and Milwaukee Ave. is part of the company’s System Modernization Program (SMP), according to Peoples Gas representative. 

In this case they are installing a new vault. A few weeks ago, they completed replacing 900 miles, which they describe as the equivalent of going from Soldier Field to the Superdome, of aging cast and ductile iron pipe. Many residents will recall the many street tear ups. 

According to Peoples Gas, the replacement of aging ductile and cast iron pipe which, in some areas, dates back to before the Civil War. 

As part of the SMP, Peoples Gas is upgrading its system from low to medium pressure to improve efficiency. The program also involves moving more than 500,000 meters from inside homes and businesses to the outside, allowing first responders immediate access to shut off gas during emergencies, and adding automatic shut-off valves to increase safety. 

Along with improved safety, the program has produced significant business, labor and environmental benefits. In 2017 alone, businesses owned by minorities, women and veterans performed approximately $100 million of work under the SMP.

Photo source: local resident



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