LaSalle II teachers hung from wall by students


Julie Kolkmeyer is cheered as she hangs from the gymnasium wall*


Prior to their "hanging," teachers Julie Kolkmeyer and Deirdre Keane with principal Lauren Albani

LaSalle II Student Council's Carnival was a "fun" fundraiser that included hanging the principal and two teachers from the wall (literally), on Thursday afternoon, in the school's gymnasium, 1148 North Honore St. [No one was hurt!] 


One of the youngest "stickers" appeared to do better with the duct tape than the adults!

Wrapped in black plastic, the three staff members stood on a chair, waiting to be affixed to the wall. Lines of students and adults waited. With strips of purchased duct tape, they learned about the challenges of holding long strips of sticky duct tape. Some were more successful then others. 


Though his strip became a rope, this student was positive that it would hold his teacher against the wall

, the Library and Technology teacher. 

Once all the duct tape strips were in place, the chairs were removed, to the delight of the audience! 

"We raised $2,238 dollars from the carnival and duct tape event," reported Margaret Heinrich, the student council advisor. 


"Sticker" lines were long

"This was our main student council fundraiser for the year. It was held during the school's spirit week, as a way to get parents and families to come together to celebrate our spirit for the school."  

The funds are used for a variety of student council events and items throughout the year. Some of those events include: 

  • plants for each classroom on Earth Day
  • School door decorating contest
  • Prizes for contests throughout the year
  • Purchase of speakers for our outdoor school events
  • Purchase of games, prizes and entertainment for the end of the year fun day
  • Sponsor the end of the year staff vs. students sporting event with a traveling trophy
  • Spirit week

    Many conversations were going on as strips of duct tape on the wall waited to be purchased

*Photo courtesy of Mark Behee


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