Think 606: What is this?


Tell us about this photo

Do you know what this is?

If you remember an early imagining meeting in Acme Works on Western Ave. in the early 2000s, perhaps you remember the suggestion of a pet cemetery.

Do you think that idea was turned into reality?

Please share your thoughts and knowledge!

Remember that you will be able to travel the length of The 606 starting Sat., June 6, at 8 a.m. Here is a list of events this weekend.



Not a pet cemetery!

Can not believe that no one came up with the answer...but here it is a sound wall to block out some of the traffic noises from the east!

It's at the Ashland end of

It's at the Ashland end of the trail. Is it really a pet cemetery? It is suitable grey and mausoleum-like. It could add an element of macabre to finish a bike ride at a stack of lil' skeletons.

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