Blue Cart Recycling expanding in the area


Christopher Suave and Michael Brink explain the Blue Bin recycling program

The City of Chicago has signed a seven-year contract with Waste Management to collect recyclables in the blue carts in regions 1, 3 and 6 (links show map and schedule), according to Christopher P. Sauve, Program Director, Recycling from the Department of Street and Sanitation, at a meeting introducing the Blue Cart Recycling Program to the Ukrainian Village, Tues., Feb. 28 in St. Helen's Catholic School, 2347 W Augusta Blvd.

Area residents can now deposit their single stream recyclables into the blue carts supplied by the City of Chicago. The items should be loose and not in any plastic bags. Larger amounts of recyclables, like cardboard boxes from furniture and large appliances, should be folded and stacked along the side of the cart.

Yard waste is not to be deposited into the cart, but from April to November should be bagged and placed next to the cart. Carts will be removed from homes that do not follow the published regulations.

The carts are to be placed out for collection every other week according to the schedule listed on the map. Delivery of the carts will start on Mar. 21 and continue to Apr. 2. The carts will be dropped off in the front of every house and it is the resident's responsibility to move them to the back. Collections will begin on Apr. 2. Sauve emphasized that all carts are and remain the property of the City of Chicago.

Michael Brink, Manager Illinois-Indiana Area from Waste Management, proceeded to rally those present to recycle because it conserves materials, saves energy, reduces green house emissions reduces land fill and overall saves everyone money. He ran through the scheduling once more and specified that all collected materials are taken to the CID processing plant located at 13707 S Jeffrey.


Participants in the Blue Bin meeting

Plastic bags should be taken back to the stores were they came from and not placed into the blue carts. These bags get caught in the sorting machines at the processing plant and cause much havoc. Waste Management has tried to instruct the public about this program through postcards and flyers containing information about the program and the place, dates and times of educational meetings on the program.

Hazardous waste, oil based paints, chemicals and electronics can be dropped off at various sites like North Branch Recycling Facility, just South of Division on North Branch Street. Any problems can be called into 311 or entered online. Brink, Sauve and Mark Dykema, District Manager from Waste Management, answered questions concerning the recycling program.

Catherine R. Game, Project Coordinator of Outreach and Communications from WRD Environmental, Chicago Center for Green Technology, followed up and ended the meeting by asking the public to call her with any additional questions and to help out by volunteering to distribute and inform neighbors and friends about the recycling program by becoming a Block Captain. Any questions or anyone interested in becoming a Block Captain can reach her by calling 312-744-8908 or email her.

A second public meeting will be held on Tues., Mar. 20, 7:00 p.m., St. Helen School, 2347 W Augusta Blvd.


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