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House Theatre's sensational "The Nutcracker" is the best holiday theatre deal in Chicago

It is a delightful, charming, joyous, fun, funny, scary show with a tinge of sadness.

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Construction continues on Damen and Cortland

Old water main replacement continues in the 1800 - 1900 block on north Damen byWater Dept. and private contractors. They work in stages replacing then testing for any problems before fully restoring usage.

Cortland resurfacing is also taking place.

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Our Urban Times featured in Chicago Tribune's Rick Kogan and Charles Osgood Sidewalks

Rick Kogan, writer, and Charles Osgood, photographer, have a Sidewalks story in each Sunday Chicago Tribune. This week, titled "Newsy neighbor," their spotlight turned on Our Urban Times and Editor/Publisher, Elaine Coorens.

Our Urban Times

Chicago Teachers Union awards 32nd Ward Alderman Waguespack as first Defender of Public Education

Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) chose 32nd Ward Scott Waguespack as the first recipient of the Defender of Public Education Award.

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Our Urban Times celebrates meeting initial goals and sets new ones

We at Our Urban Times are thrilled to be approaching 40,000 page views during more than 15,000 visits by regular and new people from 70 countries and territories since February, when we put analytics on our site. We have done no major promotion. So, thanks to each of you who have helped make those numbers possible.

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