WPC Scarecrow Extravaganza at odds with Mother Nature


Mr. Scragon looks fierce but is a gentle soul

The morning of Oct. 23, the day of Wicker Park Committee's (WPC) 3rd Annual Scarecrow Extravaganza, Mother Nature blew in some gloomy clouds and rain. Andrew Wozniak sat in a truck in the alley by Pritzker School at Damen and Schiller for two hours waiting for the weather to break.  People from outside the neighborhood who registered to build a scarecrow called and canceled. Things were looking a little glum after so much preparation.

But, by early afternoon, Mother Nature relented, clearing the clouds and bringing out the sun. Andrew got out of the truck, called in the helpers and the fun began.


Everyone was part of creating creatures

Piles of various types of clothes and accessories, an assortment of plastic bags, straw (thanks to Christy Webber) twine, markers, glue and more were waiting for the creativity and ingenuity of kids of all ages. Residents and businesses alike began arriving. People walking by saw the fun and joined in.


Improv group included everyone in their performance art

The crew from Storytown Chicago Kids Improv had everyone in the audience joining them in making up songs and stories amid the scarecrow creators stuffing, pinning, gluing and staking their unique additions to the lawn of Pritzker School.


Andrew Wozniak and Rebecca Wright sit, exhausted, after the first day of the Extravaganza with son Remi

Andrew and his wife Rebecca Wright, who created this event were back on the site Sunday when a few additions were made to the collection. They will return after Mother Nature's current rant has posed more challenges to this pre-Halloween event. They'll re-stake all the scarecrows that are currently in repose.


Mom and son enjoy hay tossing

Each year it is equally fun watching all the people who stop when driving, walking and biking along Schiller and Damen. They generally stop and often whip out their cameras to take pictures of all the creations.  Be sure to check out the many scary and not so scary scarecrows as well as the Scaragon thru Halloween on the Pritzker School lawn.

See lots more pictures in the slide show below.  Leave a comment below about this great event, be it about  this year or the previous two.


(HISTORICAL NOTE: The following original photos were in stories written by Elaine Coorens on "The Examiner." That site has been taken down.) For more information about Halloween 2009: Scarecrow Extravaganza; Boo Palooza; trick and treaters; Wicker Park activities



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