WickerICE returning and looking for volunteers into 2020


Looking forward to more memories for all ages

It is about to begin againWickerICE. The blend of nostalgia…quiet, mellow gliding along the ice, childhood challenges…strengthening of ankles and attempts at figure eights and spins, along with the fiery competition with flying pucks and sticks.

Saturday, Dec. 7, in Wicker Park, 1425 N. Damen Ave., WickerICE, a project of the Wicker Park Advisory Council, begins its 5th season. The rink is to be put together…the fire department will fill it with water. 

The hopes, prayers and pleadings of single blade shoe advocates will begin their journey into the ever-expanding depth of the universe…"freeze that water to solid ice for the next several months…PLEASE!" 


MLK celebration earlier this year

Hundreds of participants and volunteers from last year will no doubt be part of those looking forward to this year. You are invited to be join them throughout the season. Sign up here

According to Doug Wood, Wicker Park Advisory Council, Saturday, activities are: 

8-8:30: Remove Posts from Storage Room & Roll Fence Tightly to move to field 

8:30: Field House Opens - Food Room Set up 

8:30-10: BRING A Cordless Drill if you have one: 

  • Remove Boards with ADS from truck
  • Move them inside field to work on them
  • Organize into groups based on their final location on the wall
  • Number the boards as to their location - each board has a number based on its location on the North, East, or South Walls.
  • Screw on plastic covering on the boards 

10: Firemen Arrive and Fill the Rink ( about 45 minutes)

      After Rink  Fill:

  • BOARDS - Move boards to rink locations and set on grass - load one board at a time on the rink. 
  • FENCE Making - Move posts to field, Move fence to field, use 3 zip ties per pole, poles installed 5 ft apart After Board Installation: Secure netting to rink - this will help prevent damage to rink before the water is frozen. 

After complete installation, the wait begins for the water to freeze hard enough for skating. Seven consecutive days with high temps below 30 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and night temps in the 20's are required to have ice suitable for skating. 

All of the planning setting up and management of WickerICE is done by volunteers with the financial support from many individuals and neighborhood organizations.


WickerICE encourages inter park collaboration. David Ramos, Smith Park, Advisory Council President, Aimee Prass and Wicker Park's Doug Wood and Nick Gecan at MLK Day 2019



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